Bob King Automall was using an analog telephone system that still worked, but was beginning to experience serious problems.

Larry Cox, Bob King’s Sales & Service Manager and IT Manager, was beginning to spend more and more time with Teleco of Wilmington, Bob King’s phone system provider, on service. “Joey and his crew are really good people. They did a great job with support, but we had a few tough problems. One night we stayed out here until four in the morning fixing the problem. We had no choice. Our phones are our lifeblood.” The decision was made to switch to a new system.


Our Approach

Teleco of Wilmington, who has worked closely with Bob King Automall for over 10 years, introduced the company to a Scalable Cloud Communications Solution from Star2Star Communications.

Star2Star offered an advanced, unified communications (UC) system that provided voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology instead of traditional landlines. The flexibility, reliability, and many capabilities of the Star2Star system greatly impressed Larry Cox and the rest of Bob King’s team. The decision was made to switch to Star2Star.


Our Solution

Bob King Automall has been very pleased with everything that their Star2Star solution has been able to do for them.

The flexibility of the system has made it much easier for the company to reorder their offices for maximum efficiency. “You can take the phones and plug them in anywhere, and they will still have the proper configuration.” This same functionality has made it easier for Bob King’s most dedicated workers to stay in touch.

“It’s nice to be able to take the phone home and answer calls out of the office. They can be configured to work wherever they need to work. Mr. King works from home on Saturdays, and I’m always on the clock when I’m not here.”

It isn’t just the highest-level managers who need the mobility that Star2Star provides. Bob King’s entire workforce must be in touch at all times, especially salespersons and repairpersons. “When we need somebody, we need them immediately.” To immediately reach the team wherever they are, Larry has configured every employee’s Find Me/Follow Me to ring their cell phone and desk phone simultaneously. “We hit them both at the same time. That’s really nice, and it works really well. It fits the environment here.” Star2Star’s mobile app, StarPhone for iPhone, has also proven useful. “We have licenses for that now. It’s handy when I’m not at the office.”

The advanced presence management capabilities of the Star2Star system have revolutionized how the company handles calls. “StarScope 2 is critical. All the receptionists and cashiers, service and sales coordinators, anyone who answers the phones depends on it. We use Call Park specifically a lot. We can keep track of everyone on the system, which was impossible to do before. It’s really become a necessity, and it works really well. If we didn’t have that anymore, the staff would go nuts.”

Other Star2Star features that have improved the way Bob King Automall does business include StarFax Personal, ring groups, and call queues. “It’s easy to configure ring groups and call queues, and very flexible as to different things you can do. I’ve got all sorts of craziness with rollovers and groups. [Setting up ring groups and call queues] is much easier than any other system I’ve ever worked with.”

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