Small Business Phone Solutions

Small businesses face unique challenges. We understand them.

Finally, a way to offer better service than your competitors without their big-business budgets.

From the feisty start up to the family owned franchise, you’ve always been able to do more with less. Now, thanks to Star2Star, there’s at least one area where you won’t have to cut corners.

Our communication systems deliver a range of features designed to solve the unique problems small business owners face. By reducing costs and expanding options, we offer innovative ways to keep your employees connected and your customers happy.

Small Business Phone System Capabilities

Our StarBox Cloud Connection Manager is small but powerful—just like you.

We offer all the communications features you need, without charging you for the ones you don’t.

  • Access to as many phone lines as needed
  • Entry-level phones at a low cost
  • Monthly hardware and lease options
  • Needs bullet item – answer to question
  • Customized options to fit your staffs’ needs