Star2Star was founded in 2006.  Since that time, they have grown even when the economy wasn’t.

How?  Their phone system uses VoIP to save their customers usually 50% on their phone bill and most importantly . . . it works!

This is what President Joe Rhem had to say in a July 2013 article from the Sarasota newspaper, The Herald Tribune:

“We have retained 99.6 percent of our customers,” Star2Star president Joe Rhem said. “That is the best retention rate of customers in the whole industry.”

The article goes on to explain Star2Star’s use of their “own black box technology” which puts a black box at each location.

Called a StarBox, it replaces the now old-fashioned electronic switchboard that businesses have long had to use to route calls. But it also monitors the company’s own bigger computer network around the country.

The biggest one is in Atlanta, but there are also nodes in New York City; McLean, Va.; Chicago; Dallas-Fort Worth; Los Angeles; and San Jose, Calif.

These nodes are what give the Star2Star system reliability.  If one node goes down, all StarBoxes are automatically rerouted to another node.

The best part is that if your internet connection goes down, your calls can follow you to your cell phone using the Find Me Follow Me Feature so that you never have to miss a call!

These are just two of the features that helped us choose to sell Star2Star to our clients.  We know how important staying in touch with your customers is to you and your bottom line.