The Challenge

WellCare provides skilled nursing and therapy services, including physical and occupational therapy, to over 5,000 patients located across Southeastern North Carolina.

WellCare was struggling to successfully operate 8 locations using traditional telephone technology. Costs were high, and administration was challenging. More importantly, the company wanted to maximize their entire workforce by enabling agents located at every site to answer a call made to any site. It was critical that any call transfers were seamless to avoid causing concern and confusion among patients.

WellCare also wanted to update their technology. They had done research and knew that they wanted to move from landline service to voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP, technology. In particular, WellCare wanted a VoIP system that offered opportunities to take advantage of new features and make it easier for staff to communicate internally via the telephone.


Our Approach

WellCare turned to Teleco of Wilmington for help.

Teleco of Wilmington had been a trusted communications provider of WellCare for well over 15 years and had built up a strong rapport with the company. Teleco of Wilmington introduced WellCare to a Scalable Cloud Communications Solutions from Star2Star Communications. After a careful analysis, it was determined that Star2Star could meet all of WellCare’s requirements and actually exceed them.

Our Solution

WellCare has been using Star2Star for all of their phone service for over six years, and the results have been tremendous.

According to Wanda Coley, CFO of WellCare, “The system really works for us!” Star2Star has provided reliable, crystal clear calls for WellCare. “The quality of calls over the VoIP has been excellent. We haven’t had downtime.”

Even better, Star2Star was able to unify all of WellCare’s locations onto a single account, reducing costs and simplifying management. One way that Star2Star was able to unify WellCare’s locations is through the use of call groups, whereby calls are routed to a group, rather than an individual. “From a customer service standpoint, it’s easy to transfer calls from office to office. We can take advantage of the resources of the whole group. It makes it so calls are always answered."

WellCare has also taken advantage of Star2Star’s rich suite of advanced unified communications (UC) features. One example is conference calling, which is critical when operating multiple locations, each with agents in the field. “We conference internally a great deal. Star2Star provides us with our own conference lines, so we don’t have to use a third party.” Another example is presence management. “We use StarScope 2 extensively. It’s so easy for our receptionists to see who’s on the phone, and it’s much easier to transfer calls with the drag and drop function.”

A company, like WellCare, that provides home healthcare services is especially reliant on mobile workers. The Star2Star mobile app, Find Me/Follow Me call routing, and other mobility enabling features really help power WellCare’s mobile workforce. Even better, the customer has no idea that their call is being forwarded, keeping them confident. “Everything is seamless to the caller, even if they are in another state.”

The inherently low maintenance and management requirements of Star2Star have benefitted WellCare as well. “Having Star2Star has made the management of our phone system much more efficient. We move the staff around in the office all the time, always trying to be more efficient. Before, we’d have to make a service call and have someone come out. Now, it’s much easier.” WellCare also appreciates how low maintenance and reliable Star2Star’s hardware is. “Overall, our maintenance costs have been reduced, especially with service calls.”

Star2Star’s virtually limitless scalability has helped foster WellCare’s constant growth. “Star2Star is very beneficial to a company in growth mode. It’s very easy to expand the system, even to a new location. We typically do the expansion internally with our IT manager and his support team. You just use the Portal, and it’s really easy to use. We’re adding a new location on Monday. All we have to do is set up the StarBox Cloud Connection Manager and get it up and running. Once it’s set up, it’s already networked to the other offices.”

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