Why Teleco?

We’re here to help you make the switch.

At Teleco of Wilmington, our mission is to deliver, implement, and support the system that’s works most effectively within your environment, no matter how complex.

As a full service telecommunications service provider, we offer a wide variety of communications solutions from simple phone and voicemail systems to wireless networks and the latest Voice over IP technology. We’re experts at integrating these different technologies to customize a system that meets your business’ needs.

  • Start saving fast with a 3-4 week turnaround from order to installation.
  • Get personalized service with a single point-of-contact.


Plan & Implement

We plan and implement a Scalable Cloud Communications Solution with expertise, professionalism, and a personal touch so you can feel confident from start to finish. We offer everything from system design to on-site installation, system configuration, and project management.


Custom Solutions and Consulting

Your business is unique, and your communication needs are equally unique. Our team can tailor the Star2Star system to meet those needs. We will work with you to maximize the functionality and familiarity of your communications. We have the resources to satisfy even the most complex and specific requirements.



Learning a new communications system can be overwhelming, especially with a system like ours that is more feature-heavy than those of most analog and VoIP providers. We provide the specific training resources you and your employees need.

We guarantee our QoS.

You can rest assured all your calls will go through, stay connected, and you’ll have complete clarity.

No one else can guarantee Quality of Service like we do. Not AT&T. Not Verizon. Not Qwest. Not Vonage. Our Star2Star products and service guarantee QoS end-to-end, down to the desktop. Not Nortel. Not Avaya. Not Cisco. Nobody but us.

No, really. We guarantee our service.

How? We test your service before we install it, we test it after we install it; then we monitor every handset on your system every six seconds. No other company on the planet does that. That’s what we mean when we say guaranteed quality of service.

We’re disaster proof.

What would happen to your business if your phone system was down for an hour, whether due to a storm, hurricane, power outage or Internet disruption? What if it was down for an entire day or even week? With Teleco, you can breathe easy. Our network operations center will immediately detect the problem and automatically take over as your phone system. Our exclusive automatic backup and failover protection features make sure that your business will always be able to receive incoming calls, even if your business loses power or Internet connectivity.

We have the technology.

Up to now, VoIP has been a hit or miss situation. The voice quality just wasn’t there, and dropped calls were common and frustrating. Those times are in the past. We have made VoIP as good as landlines — no, better! Our system protects you from lost connectivity, AND you get local and long distance at half the cost.

Bottom Line: We have it, they don’t.

This is strictly VoIP. It was built from the ground up as VoIP. The other companies have so much invested in their current set-up (which is not true VoIP), they wouldn’t be able to abandon it and go in this direction. We have invested a lot in our business, but we did it the right way–and smarter way–from the very start.