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Comprehensive IT services to meet all your computer, data, and security needs.

Have computer problems? Call our IT technicians. We don’t byte… at least most of us.

24/7 Support

Computer issues are inevitable… and, unfortunately, there is no “magic wand” you can wave to solve all your IT problems. But Teleco ILM has the next best thing – experienced technicians with a full toolbox of computer solutions available to you 24/7. Our staff even works overnight or on weekends so you can work without interruption or downtime.

Network Monitoring

In the world of business, productivity is everything! That’s why Teleco ILM technicians do everything we can to minimize your team’s downtime. We keep tabs on your network activity and infrastructure around the clock. If there is an issue, we will know about it AND fix it – often before you’ve even realized there was a problem.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Is all data replaceable? Are external hard drives or the cloud truly disaster-proof? Data
backup and disaster recovery can be tricky. However, our team offers backup and disaster
recovery plans that ensure your critical information is secure and accessible – even during
an unexpected network failure.

IT Infrastructure Optimization

Have a unique computer need or challenge? Teleco ILM offers a wide range of custom IT services – including software installations, migrations, set-ups, configurations, and more!

Security Compliance Challenge?

Does your business have to operate within specific standards – like PCI or HIPAA? Fortunately, the Teleco ILM technicians have extensive experience navigating the challenges of compliance laws.